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New York, NY Area Minyan List
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Shul AddressShachrisMinchaMaariv
SundayMon/ThTu/Wed/FriShabbosWinter WeekdayWinter FridayWinter ShabbosWinter Weekday
26 Federal Plaza26 Federal Plaza    12:40   
45 Broadway45 Broadway    2:00   
Adas Israel C203 E Broadway        
Adas Yisroel203 East Broadway7:307:107:10 Shk-10CL+ Shk+30
Adereth El C133 East 29th Street 6:45      
Agudah Of America42 Broadway    1:00, 1:30, 2:001:05  
Agudah of East Side233 East Broadway        
Agudah of Washington Heights(A)56 Bennett Avenue8:006:306:308:15    
Ansche Meseritz C(NS)415 E 6th St        
Beth Hamedrash Machzeikei Tora(NS)851 West 181st Street8:00(Breakfast after davening)6:40(Chol Hamoaid Time 7:00)6:45(Chol Hamoaid Time 7:00)9:15 CL+10CL(Shallos Suddos after Mincha) 
Beth Israel Center(NS)646 West End Avenue8:307:157:259:309:00   
Beth Israel Hospital - Linsky 1st Ave. & 16th St.    1:30   
Bialystoker Center for Nursing228 E Broadway        
Bialystoker Synagogue(A)11 Willett Street6:15, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30, 9:156:00, 6:50, 7:45, 8:306:15, 7:00, 7:45, 8:307:00(Downstairs), 9:00(Main Shul)Shk-15CL+10 Min+45
Bnai Israel Chaim353 West 84th Street        
Bnai Israel C335 East 77th Street        
Broadway Management39 Broadway    4:15   
Capital Audio120 Duane Street    1:4012:40  
Chabad Center For Jewish Disco199 West 19th Street        
Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Ma509 5th Avenue Suite 2nd Floor        
Chabad Lubavitch Upper East Si203 East 82nd Street        
Chabad of the West Side101 West 92nd Street9:007:307:309:45(Shiur at 9 am)9:15   
Chabad of the West Sixties101 West End Ave. #4N        
Chabad of Wall Street150 Brodway Suite #1001        
Chabad of Washington Heights41 Bennett Avenue Suite 23        
Chabad on Washington Square27 Washington Square        
Chama Office78 Pearl St.    12:4012:40(call first)  
Chevra Bnei Yitzchok Chassedi247 E Broadway        
Chinuch Atzmai-Torah Schools40 Exchange Place    12:45, 1:40   
Civic Center Synagogue(A)49 White Street 7:207:309:0012:40(Mon-Thu only), 1:40(Mon-Thu only)  5:10(Mon-Thu)
Community Synagogue Max D. Rai325 East 6th Street        
Cong. Bnai Yehuda-Yorkville Sy352 East 78th Street6:00, 7:15, 9:30(say shema at home)Netz-60(not before 600 if too erly 610 email me @ 6:10, 7:10, 8:357:00, 9:05    
Cong. Talmud Torah Adereth El133 East 29th St.8:306:507:009:001:00(/T), Shk-10(/T)Shk-Shk-25 
C Bais Tefilah        
C K Jeshurun300 E 85th St Apt 507        
Consolidated Edison Company4 Irving Place    12:45   
Cope Institute225 Broadway    2:15   
Darech Amuno C 53 Charles Street        
Downtown Bais Medrash25 Broadway    1:40   
Eagle Paper121 Varick St    1:05   
East Side Torah Center317 Henry Street        
Eldridge Street SynagogueMs. Renee Newman        
Fahnestock -- Co.125 Broad Street    2:00   
Fbe Ltd.111 Broadway    2:001:00 5:15
Fifth Avenue Synagogue(A)5 East 62nd Street8:307:307:309:00Shk-60   
First Roumanian-American Cong.89 Rivington St        
Frenkel, Hershkowitz -- Shafra(NS)49 West 37th     1:45  5:30
G. Davidson Group40 Broad St.    1:45   
Garment Center C(A)205 W 40th St 7:357:459:00    
Gfi Mortgage Bankers140 Broadway    4:30  Min+
Hechal Moshe Cong.303 W 91st St7:00, 8:30, 9:306:45, 8:10, 9:156:45, 8:10, 9:159:30Shk-  Shk+20, 9:30
Jay Imports224 Fifth Ave.    1:00   
Jewish Enrichment Center192 Lexington Avenue Suite 504        
Kehila Kedosha Janina280 Broome Street        
K Jacob - Carlebach Shul305 West 79th Street   9:30(9:15 on mevorchim and 9 on Yom Tov) CL+20 10:00
Khal Adath Jeshurun(A)85 Bennett Avenue7:30, 8:306:00, 7:006:00, 7:006:40, 8:00(Only on Shekalim, HagGadol, Chanukkah),Shk+5(Sep thru Shavuos)Shk-15(Sep thru Pesach)Shk(Last week Aug thru Pesach)Shk+40, 8:00
Lincoln Square Synagogue(A)180 Amsterdam Avenue7:10, 8:307:00, 7:507:10, 7:507:45, 9:00, 9:15(Beginner\'s), 9:45Shk-10 CL-Min+, 8:15
Lisker C163 East 69th Street        
Manhattan Sephardic C325 E 75th St8:30(Main Sanctuary)6:456:458:30 CL-5Shk-45 
Mesivta Tiferes Jerusalem145 East Broadway7:457:457:45 1:3012:30 6:15
Mount Sinai Jewish Center(A)135 Bennett Avenue7:30, 8:30, 9:006:45, 8:007:00, 8:007:00, 9:00Shk-10Shk-10Shk-10Min+2
Nodah Bi Yehudah C587B Fort Washington Ave        
NYU Medical Center400 East 34th Street    Shk-15  Min+
NYU _ Weinstein Kosher Cafeter11 University Place    1:00  7:00(/T/)
Ohav Sholom C270 W. 84th Street        
One State Street1 State Street    3:00   
Orach Chaim C1459 Lexington Avenue        
Orthodox Union11 Broadway    3:001:00 5:00(Will get a little bit later as shkiah gets la
Park East Synagogue164 East 68th Street        
Shaare Hatikvah C(A)711 West 179th Street7:306:20(Chol Hamoaid 6:15)6:30(Chol Hamoaid 6:15)8:30    
She'aris Adas Yisrael, Sieinia237 E Broadway        
Shearith Israel - Spanish Port(EM)8 West 70th Street8:007:157:158:30    
Shmuel Yosef V'Chaya C(NS)587B Fort Washington Ave8:006:206:259:00 CL+10(After KAJ candle lighting)  
Sons Of Moses-Yensheve Synagog135 Henry St        
The Jewish Center131 West 86th Street8:307:00, 8:007:00, 7:009:00, 9:15(Young Leadership Minyan), 9:30(BeginnerShk-10 ShkMin+5, 7:45(Seasonal)
Wall Street Synagogue47 Beekman Street 7:207:309:1512:45, 1:35, 1:50, Shk-101:35, Shk-10 Shk+
Washington Heights C(A)815 West 179th Street   8:30CL+5(ends after Pesach)  Min+
West Side Institutional Synago(A)120 West 76th Street8:307:10(Shacharit)7:20  Shk 8:00
World Center Beth Medrash160 Broadway    12:45, 1:4512:45  
YI of Briarwood(A)8475 Daniels Street8:006:306:309:00Shk-10Shk-10Shk-25Min+
YI of Manhattan225 East Broadway        
YI Of Manhattan225 East Broadway 6:45, 7:357:00, 7:35 Shk-10  Shk+30
YI of West Side210 West 91 Street8:006:456:55